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Your first day on the mountain with kids

Getting the whole family up, dressed, ready and up the hill can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Take a look at these helpful tips that will make getting ready and on the snow as easy as possible.

Pick up your passes

You can pick up your mountain passes the day before you head to the ski field, this will save valuable time and get everyone on the snow and having fun that much sooner! Make sure all the passes are securely attached to your jackets before you leave so they don't get lost.

Prepare the night before

We recommend having everything packed and ready the night before. Lay out each child’s clothing that they are wearing so it’s ready to put on in the morning, all other extra layers and spares should already be packed.

Get up early

Seriously no sleeping in or you’ll be behind the ball for the rest of the morning - it's always better to be early and have some time to relax before your day of snow fun, than rushing and arriving late and flustered.

Eat a good breakfast

Start everyone off with a hearty breakfast (including yourself), as they will burn more energy skiing than on a normal day of play.

Leave early

Get up to the mountain early. If you are hiring rental equipment on the mountain, pick this up first before the crowds arrive – don’t get your caffeine fix first, unless you enjoy waiting in queues.

Check your timings

Check when childcare and/or ski school starts and arrive early so all the paperwork is done and dusted before start time. This will also give the kids a chance to get settled before you have to leave.

Reassure the kids

Tell your kids when you will be back to pick them up and stick to that time, don’t be late, and more importantly (especially if your child gets nervous about being by themselves) don't come back BEFORE that time. Let them meet new friends and get to know their instructor, a visit from mum and dad might seem like a good idea, but more often than not it will just upset your child when you leave again. No fun for the kids or the instructor, help make it easier and just leave them to their day and enjoy your own time on the snow.

Last but not least

Have FUN! You're going skiing, relax, learn some new skills and enjoy seeing your family having the time of their lives!