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What clothing should I wear to ski or snowboard in?

We recommend you wear jacket and pants specific for snowboarding or skiing. These can be hired from rental stores in town or from the ski fields, which we can arrange.

Temperatures can vary with mountain weather conditions and you will be exercising in your gear. So it is a good idea to layer your clothing to allow yourself some flexibility. Wear warm layers that you can remove or add on depending on the weather, preferably thermal polypropylene or merino, under your ski jacket and pants, this will help you regulate your temperature - warm but not sweaty!

Helmets are now standard snow sports wear. If you are new to snowboarding or skiing, we highly recommend you hire a helmet which will offer protection from accidents and keep your head toasty warm. Alternatively, make sure you bring a warm beanie (hat).

Socks and gloves are two of the most important items of clothing when skiing or boarding -- crucial to your enjoyment of your day on the mountain. But they can’t be hired. Bring ski or snowboard specific long socks and waterproof gloves or mittens or purchase some when you arrive. Normal socks and gloves will not be adequate protection in cold snowy conditions.

Lastly, eye protection, in the form of sunglasses or goggles, and sunscreen for your face are very important. The sun reflecting off the snow is much stronger than normal and can damage your eyes if you are not wearing appropriate eye wear.

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