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When is the best time to visit the South Island for a ski or snowboarding holiday?

Seasons vary from year to year so it’s impossible to predict the best weather and snow conditions. As a general rule, you are more likely to get good conditions in the middle of the season rather than at either end.

On the odd occasion ski fields may delay their opening day.

New Zealand and Australian school holidays are the busiest times of year at the ski fields. If possible, we suggest avoiding these dates. And if you need to travel during the school holidays then the best plan is to book early to ensure you get your first choice in accommodation at the best price available.

Of course, no one can predict the weather and what will be will be but this is where travel insurance can be invaluable, covering you for days missed on the mountain.  If you are based in the Queenstown/Wanaka region for your stay we can also help you purchase a super pass.  These passes allow you to not only choose from multiple different mountains in the area they also enable you to transfer funds across to other activities if the weather does not permit skiing that day, or you just don't fancy it - great flexibility!

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