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Ski clothing & gear for kids

Ski fields can be cold places (you know - because of all the snow) so for your kids to have an enjoyable day they need to stay warm.

If you don’t have proper ski jacket and pants that fit your child and don't want the expense we recommend hiring these for your holiday as the correct gear is crucial.

Helmets are also a must for little ones. As well as protecting their noggin, they also keep heads nice and toasty warm. It's worth noting that if you plan to put your child into ski lessons, they will not be allowed to go out without a helmet.

Things you will need to buy or borrow off friends included the following:

  • Under layers made of either merino (wool) or thermal polypropylene for top and bottom, bring a spare set in case they get wet or your child needs a second layer
  • Woollen ski socks, not too thick – merino is best
  • A woollen beanie (hat)
  • Waterproof insulated mittens or gloves designed for skiing. Tie string to the mittens and feed them through your kids jacket so they don't get lost
  • Goggles or sunglasses with high UV protection that fit your child's face
  • Sunblock to slip, slop and slap as the snow is very reflective and can easily burn, even on a cloudy day
  • For the younger ones a second set of underpants is also a good idea
  • Lastly make sure you pack a camera for capturing their first day on the slopes and to ignite their passion for next time