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Ski clothing & gear for kids

Ski fields are cold places, so for your kids to have an enjoyable day they need to stay warm.

If you don't have a good ski jacket and pants that fit your child, we recommend hiring these for your holiday, as the correct gear is crucial and buying can be a pricey exercise.

Helmets are also an absolute must for little ones. As well as protecting their noggin, they help to keep your child's head nice and toasty warm. It's worth noting that if you plan to put your child into ski lessons, most ski schools won't allow your child to participate without a helmet.

Other clothing and accessories you will need to buy or borrow for your ski adventure includes:

Base layers

A top and bottom base layer made of either merino (wool) or thermal polypropylene is essential. This base layer is your first defence against the cold - it's a good idea to bring a spare set in case the first gets wet or your child is cold and needs a second layer.

Ski socks

Woollen ski socks are best for keeping the feet warm. Make sure they are not too thick and don't put a double layer of socks on your child, this can lead to the socks bunching and can cause blisters and discomfort.

Woollen beanie (hat)

Some kids get very cold while skiing so a thin woollen or thermal polypropylene beanie is a great addition for your child to wear under their helmet. Thick beanie's are difficult to wear underneath a helmet so a good, thin layer is best.


Gore-tex is your best option for decent, warm and waterproof gloves that won't break the bank. Mittens are much easier for young kids to put on and keep the hands a lot warmer than finger gloves, so a Gore-tex mitten is you best option for your child. To stop the gloves getting lost, tie a long piece of string to each glove and thread them through your child's ski jacket arms, this well keep them in place and save having to buy another pair!


Goggles that fit your child's face are very important to protect their eyes from the wind and sun. Cheap children's goggles are easy to find - the most important thing is that they fit well and offer good UV protection from the sun.


The snow acts as a giant sun reflector so getting sunburned is very easy. Sunscreen is an absolute must, even on a cloudy day. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen available and reapply throughout the day to prevent sunburn. If your child is in ski school, they will generally make sure all the children have sunscreen, but if you are unsure just ask and you can give your child some extra sunscreen if necessary.

Second underpants

If you're taking younger kids skiing, a second set of underpants is a great idea, just in case an accident happens. Getting your child warm ad dry as soon as possible will help to get them having fun in the snow again quickly!