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5 reasons spring skiing in New Zealand will make an outstanding winter holiday!

The mountains are quieter

With the school holiday’s over and done with and the busiest ski months (July and August) out of the way, September brings with it quieter ski fields and shorter lift lines. You’ll even have days in spring when you can find fresh groomers well into the afternoon!

The sun is here to stay

Spring brings with it some awesome skiing weather. With the sun coming out to play most days, you can say goodbye to your heavy winter gear and go skiing in a light jacket, hoodie, or even a t-shirt! Some people will even brave the slopes in board shorts!

You can ski the slush!

Die-hard powder hounds might turn their noses up at spring skiing, but for anyone looking for a good time on the slopes, skiing slush is some of the best winter fun that can be had. Some skiers and snowboarders even argue that it’s more fun than powder! Get out there on some lovely spring snow and judge for yourself.

Also remember, the end of winter doesn’t mean the powder days are over – spring can bring with it some of the best powder days of the season, so enjoy the slush, and on those elusive spring powder days, you’ll be hitting the deep stuff all day long!

Learning is easier

We’ve already pointed out the fun that can be had with slushy spring snow - another plus is how easy it is to learn on. If you’re thinking about trying skiing for the first time or you’re wanting to develop your skills, slush is the perfect type of snow for learning. It’s soft, slow, forgiving, and a whole lot of fun!

Everything is cheaper

The end of winter means sales – and lots of them. Grab yourself a discount on everything from lift tickets and accommodation to ski gear, food, and even flights! There are always some great deals floating around to take advantage of, so not only is spring a great time to enjoy the snow, but it will also mean a significantly cheaper ski holiday!

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