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The Mountain Safety Code: learn it, follow it and have fun!

Always stay in control

If you’ve never skied before, take a few lessons and get confident. If it’s been a while, ease yourself back onto the snow with a few easy runs. Know how to stop and avoid other people and obstacles, and ensure that you are skiing terrain where you are always capable of maintaining control.

Give way to people downhill

Downhill skiers and snowboarders have right of way - be sure that you leave enough space to avoid people below you. If you are entering a ski run, don't forget to look up to be sure you won’t be cutting anyone off.

Obey all ski field signage

Signs are there for a reason. If a run is closed, don’t go down it. If you reach the ski area boundary, stop. The snow patrol team spend their days ensuring that any runs with hazards or too little snow are closed to the public to avoid any unnecessary dangers, help the patrol team and stay safe - respect the signs.

Check before you charge

If you are in the park or jumping off natural features, ski with a spotter and be sure that your landing area is clear of any people or hazards before you hit a jump. If someone falls on a jump or feature, raise your arms or ski poles in a cross to alert others until the person has cleared the area.

Stop in a visible area

If you need to stop on the ski field, move to the side of the run and make sure you are clearly visible from above. Be sure that you don’t stand underneath a jump and don’t stop right in the centre of a ski run – respect other users and make yourself easily visible and avoidable.

Don’t lose your gear

Respect the other visitors and the environment when you are out on the mountain. Keep track of all your equipment and be sure to carry and store your gear securely. Don’t leave anything lying around and dispose of any rubbish properly, either in a designated bin or by taking it off the hill with you.

Don’t leave an accident

If you witness an accident or are involved in one, stay on the scene until snow patrol arrives. Be respectful and don’t leave until the snow patrol team has asked any questions they need to be answered in relation to the incident.

Follow these ski field safety essentials so that you can enjoy every minute of your snowy adventures to the maximum, without unnecessary risk!